May Volunteer Spotlight

Nasheed Amin

Photograph by Nick & Erin Donner Photography

This month get to know N Street Village volunteer, Nasheed Amin. Nasheed started volunteering at N Street Village in October 2015. Nasheed facilitates a weekly computer literacy and job search class. Nasheed supports clients with submitting job applications, resumes, and provides training on how to use Microsoft Office Suite. During snowstorms, Nasheed also serves as an emergency meal service volunteer in our day center.  Let’s get know Nasheed…

For my first 5 years in DC, fresh out of college, I worked at the National Institute of Health. I quickly became the go-to for informal “tech support” for my particular office and ran tutorials on different software topics for my colleagues.

For the past 5 years, I have been self-employed as an educational consultant. I work with students of all ages, focusing on standardized tests, academic subjects, and college/graduate school admissions. Alongside my older brother, I spend a large portion of my time teaching and tutoring for a small, but mighty, company called Sherpa Prep that focuses on GRE/GMAT preparation.

I live with my fiancé, Chris, and our loving – but crazy – beagle, Darwin. Having lived in the neighborhood since 2007, I finally realized I just had to make time and schedule standing volunteer hours like I schedule everything else in my life. And, it has been such a blessing! 

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the DC area? I am originally from the only TOWN in Pennsylvania (Bloomsburg, look it up – everything else is a village or borough), but have called DC home for the last 10 years.

What is your favorite D.C. restaurant? Oh, there are so many. But, whether I’m in a gown or yoga pants, you can probably find me at Stoney’s. It’s never pretentious. And, they know how to cook a mean burger and chicken tenders.

On a Saturday evening you will find me…See #2 or at a wedding. Friends question whether I am a professional wedding guest. And, if I have to dance to “Uptown Funk” one more time…

What is the last movie you watched (and enjoyed)? The Martian, with Matt Damon. It made me feel inspired and just plain stupid all at the same time. (I like to think I’m smart. But, I will never be THAT smart. I realize its fiction. But, still).

What is your favorite D.C. landmark? It’s a toss-up between Haines Point (great views without the tourist traffic) and the Zoo. I can go say hi to the monkeys whenever I want on a lunch break for free.

Describe N Street Village in 3 words or less. My sisters’ keeper.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at N Street Village? I love having the autonomy of setting my own work hours and helping people succeed every day. However, to be perfectly honest, I help the people and the children of those who can actually afford me get further in life. At N Street Village, even if I am just helping a client set up her first email address, it may not seem big. But, tiny ripples can one day turn into huge waves. If I can play the slightest role in helping just one client build a more sustainable life for herself and/or her family, that ultimately means more to the world than whether one my test prep students chooses Harvard over Yale.

What makes N Street Village unique to you?  I’ve lived in the same building for nearly 9 years. I don’t know a single neighbor’s name (to be fair, I know every dogs’ name, but not their humans’ names). Since I started volunteering in the Fall, I love walking down the street and now knowing my neighbors’ names, smiling and saying hello, and the sense of community I now get to have.

About nstreetvillage

N Street Village is a community of empowerment and recovery for homeless and low-income women in Washington, D.C. With comprehensive services addressing both emergency and long-term needs, we help women achieve personal stability and make gains in their housing, income, employment, mental health, physical health, and addiction recovery.
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