Our Community Reflects on Kara Kennedy’s Service

Kara at N Street Village's 2010 Gala

Kara was a regular and much beloved volunteer at N Street Village.  She volunteered weekly, wearing a variety of hats.  Kara led a class called “Mystery Solvers” and also started an art class in our Wellness Center with her cousin, Vicky.  Kara and Vicky provided all of the materials for the art projects in their class and later went on to help sponsor our first client art show where some of the artwork from Kara and Vicky’s class was displayed. Kara would also roll up her sleeves and serve breakfast and lunch in Bethany Women’s Center and sort donations and organize our food pantry before and after leading her classes.  Kara touched many of our clients and staff with her calming presence, unassuming nature, and compassionate conversation.   Over the last week our community has been sharing their memories of Kara and reflecting on her service in our community and we have a shared a few of the reflections below.  Kara’s family is in our thoughts and prayers.  We love you Kara and we miss you!

“The first thought that comes to mind about Kara is her patience. Some of the women in Kara and Vicki’s art class needed carefully guided explanations to carry out their projects. Kara repeated the instructions, as many times as requested, never showing any sense of frustration, she was patient and gentle through and through. Kara also took the time to get to know the women here. She made sure to learn our names and was always kind. The women knew her as Kara, not Kara Kennedy. Kara only wanted to be known for what she could do and not necessarily what her name implied about her” – Barbara, N Street Village Resident

“I know how much Kara enjoyed her group, Mystery Solvers.  Often, after the group she would share her joy with the group’s participation and she wasn’t afraid to make changes to the class based on the group’s interests and suggestions.” – Muriel Drago, N Street Village Bethany Women’s Center Program Assistant

“Kara Kennedy was very generous with her time and shared her talents in many ways with N Street Village.  Kara was the kind of volunteer that would go out of her way to help even when it was not asked of her. Kara would also hear about in-kind items we were in need of and bring them the next time she served with us. I know many of the women had the opportunity to connect with her and she will truly be missed by all.”  -Anne Steeves, N Street Village Volunteer and In-Kind Gifts Coordinator

“Kara said she used to do a similar activity to Mystery Solvers [brain-teaser type activities] at home with her children. Every Tuesday when Kara led the Mystery Solvers she would bring in a bag full of books from her own collection to share with the class. It was a very popular class.  The women loved it.  They really miss her.” – Janaina Stanley, N Street Village Education and Employment Center Manager

“Kara was really good at what she did here at N Street. I enjoyed her Mystery Solvers class in Bethany Women’s Center and made sure to go to it. Kara is going to be missed and our prayers go out to her family.” – Debra, N Street Village Resident

“Everyone loved Kara and Kara’s class (“Mystery Solvers.”)  That room was crowded every Tuesday morning in anticipation of her class.” – Evelyn Green, N Street Village Bethany Women’s Center Manager

Artwork created by N Street Village clients in the art class led by Kara and her cousin, Vicki.  The art work was displayed at N Street Village’s Inaugural Client Art Show that Kara helped sponsor.

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N Street Village is a community of empowerment and recovery for homeless and low-income women in Washington, D.C. With comprehensive services addressing both emergency and long-term needs, we help women achieve personal stability and make gains in their housing, income, employment, mental health, physical health, and addiction recovery.
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